I was on a bus a few years ago, and a DeLorean slowly passed us. I thought "oh awesome, a DeLorean, you don't see one of those every day!" That DeLorean was immediately followed by another DeLorean. Then another. Then another, then another. Five DeLoreans in a row were cruising South on the turnpike. I thought I was… » 12/16/14 8:12pm Tuesday 8:12pm

Fair opinion. It's interesting how a show that's been in existence for just over a year can already have "the early days" from which it's come down., but to an extent it's true. I thought it was more interesting when they talked about the context of a time when the car was made, and the internal politics of the… » 12/06/14 12:29pm 12/06/14 12:29pm