I don't think you're crazy at all! If it's of any reassurance to you, I've taken my 160xxx-mile salvage-title E36 328i NY to MI and back 3 times, once even round-trip in the space of a 3-day weekend. That's 650 miles each way, and absolutely no trouble. Now, an M-car may be more capricious, but I think road trips… » 10/19/14 10:44am Sunday 10:44am

I rode in one a while back. I was really impressed with the interior - well-designed, varied materials, good plastics, a lot of intricate, pleasant details. How long will it last? Time will tell I suppose, but my lingering preconception is that a Hyundai interior will wear out a lot quicker than the equivalent Toyonda. » 10/06/14 7:21pm 10/06/14 7:21pm

I was really excited about this, but after watching it, I'm left wanting something different. The cars are beautiful, the camera work is nice, and it's good to get some exposure to the different types of people who own and drive these cars. But the narration and the overall feel of the film was just, saccharine. » 10/05/14 6:03pm 10/05/14 6:03pm