I just bulit one, back-to-back with a 2015 Explorer, mid-range models, trying to match features. Some things were standard on the Disco that were options on the Explorer (4wd), some were vice versa(3rd row). I did my best, and they came right at $45000, less than a thousand dollars apart. That'll be damn tempting to… » 1/27/15 8:57pm Tuesday 8:57pm

E36 here. Really pretty nice and smooth ride, but everything in the interior makes a noise. It's a veritable orchestra of squeaks, rattles, and rubs. The tune changes with the weather, temperature and speed, but its almost always there. That's just one of the reasons I consider the e36 interior to be the worst BMW… » 1/27/15 11:59am Tuesday 11:59am

As far as the US market, I suppose there's still some stigma for premium hatches. The Mini doesn't really count as it trades so heavily on chic and nostalgia. The CLA had to be a sedan to be sold here, even though the hatch is decidedly more handsome, not to mention practical. The Audi A3 hatch has languished in… » 1/18/15 4:07pm 1/18/15 4:07pm

That relatively tiny search bar is ok with me, compared to the cluttered, clumsy old site, with side bars and tabs up the wazoo. The new site finally has decent mobile integration as well. Another thing that used to be horrible about the old site was auto-playing AOL videos. As in, as soon as the page loads, the video… » 1/17/15 12:05pm 1/17/15 12:05pm